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BriefCase™ Reorganization Manager

Automates case management tasks associated with pre and post confirmation Chapter 11 proceedings, Receiverships, Noticing, Workouts, Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors, Liquidations, and Disbursing Agent operations. Reorganization Manager is designed to reduce the costs associated with case administration and eliminate the financial burden to estates caused by outsourcing case administration to high-priced noticing and claim administration services. The software provides:

  • User Customizable Claims categorization enabling unlimited claim sub-classification, payment order, and grouping;

  • Claims Objection tracking and reporting;

  • Claims Aggregation and Sale tracking and reporting;

  • A powerful distribution engine with unlimited modeling on a percentage or fixed amount basis, check generation, and the automatic reservation of funds for unresolved claims or creditors that cannot be located;

  • A Powerful Accounting Engine with case-by-case, user customizable chart of accounts, automatic check generation and account reconciliation in master trust or individual case account situations;

  • Powerful Report Production including profit and loss, trial balance, account ledger, operating, and claim variance reporting;

  • Data import and export capabilities in CSV or MS Excel format;

  • Key Date Tracking and User Defined Reminders;

  • Inventory and Real Property Management Modules;

  • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Modules;

  • Time and Expense Tracking, Reporting and Invoicing;

  • Automated MS Word Document Merge and System Data via User Defined 

BriefCase™ Receivers

FMT has led the industry with case management software designed specifically to assist Receivers in the interim management of operating businesses and rents and profits receiverships. Our automated accounts receivable, including rent roles, and accounts payable functionality, including the recurring payments program, aids in the management of commercial and multi-family residential properties. Monthly budgets can be created and modified for each case with budget line items corresponding to general ledger codes. Report production includes profit and loss, trial balance, account ledger, operating and variance statements.™

Our comprehensive Chapter 7 case management application set the standard for technological innovation and intuitive design since its mid-1990’s debut. Approved by the United States Trustee Program and acknowledged as the most user friendly of the Chapter 7 trustee software programs available, has been a mainstay in the industry for many years.

BriefCase™ Professional Fiduciary:  Estate and Case Management

Fiduciary Management Technologies, Inc. (FMT) has been providing specialized case management software to fiduciaries in the insolvency industry for over 12 years. Our software applications have evolved with the insolvency industry as it has grown and become increasingly regulated and we have adapted and modified our software to meet specialized and increasingly stringent auditing requirements.

With amendments to the Probate Code relating to professional fiduciaries, we see an industry facing growth and increased regulation similar to that experienced by the insolvency industry. We believe that as this growth and regulation takes place, a software product developed and specialized to meet the needs of the private professional fiduciary would be of great benefit to the industry.

Here is a brief summary listing the functionality included in this software product:

Multi-user functionality with the ability to customize Security and Access Control specific to each user.
Up to 32 users can access the software at the same time. The manager of the software can control each user’s ability to access or modify any specific function in the software. For instance a certain user may have the ability to see bank account information but not the ability to create a transaction or otherwise modify banking activity, while another user may be prevented from seeing any banking activity or information.

The ability to manage an unlimited number of clients, client bank accounts, client accounting, and client assets within one software program.
The software can handle the daily management requirements of an unlimited number of clients. Clients and prospective clients are assigned unique case numbers. All of the banking activities and accounting functionality is segregated by case number. Clients and prospective clients can be categorized and sorted based upon the role of the fiduciary, work being performed and other aspects of the case.

Client Information and Contact Management Section.
Client information including contact, emergency, and insurance information is kept and modified from this section of the program. This section also includes a “rolodex” of contacts related to the client, categorized by type. Additionally, this section contain a Notes/History tab in which the user can make date stamped notes, memorializing conversation and other activities that have occurred related to the client throughout the life of the case.

Key Date Tracking, Reminders and “Today’s Calendar”.
Key dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, and due dates can be automatically populated and tracked within this section. Reminder ticklers can be set up to alert users to key events or due dates that are coming up. A “Today’s Calendar” will open each morning as the software program is turned on alerting the user to reminders and other date driven events and tasks related to all client cases stored within the software. Cases can be opened and accessed directly from the “Today’s Calendar” by clicking on the related reminder.

Electronic Files.
Documents and spreadsheets received or created in an electronic format can be attached to a specific case and stored in the same electronic format. They can be later accessed and reviewed from within the case.

Word Document Templates.
A library of Microsoft Word merge, template documents can be created that automatically pull client information and data stored in the software to create letters, reports or pleadings that are frequently used by the professional fiduciary. This functionality can significantly reduce repetitive data entry.

General Ledger and Budgeting.
In this section, unique general ledger codes can be created specifically for each case to track financial transactions. A standard set of GL codes is automatically created for each new case that is added to the software system, however these codes can be customized and supplemented for each case based upon the specific requirements of that case. Additionally, in this section monthly budgets can be created and modified for each case. Budget line items correspond to general ledger codes.

An unlimited number of Bank accounts and transactions involving those accounts can be entered and tracked and edited from this section of the software. The transaction ledger for each account is viewed and printed from this section. Checks, deposits, transfers, miscellaneous debits and credits can all be entered from here. Checks created in this section can also be printed from here using an HP laser printer, MICR toner, and safety stock check paper. The software automatically pulls check number, party, bank account number, and routing information to the check. Preprinted checks for each client are not required.

Online Banking Synchronization and Automatic Account Reconciliation.
The synchronization of banking information between the software and the bank for each client’s bank accounts, including the processing of transfers can be performed automatically through the software via an Internet link to the bank’s online banking system multiple times each day. This is done with a single click on the “connect to online banking” button. A list of account balances and transactions completed at the bank is transmitted to the software. Transactions that have been processed at the bank will be automatically cleared within the system during the synchronization process greatly reducing the time required to reconcile account statements at the end of the month. The software has a reconciliation process that creates reports detailing exception items and alerting users when an account ledger balance in the system does not match the balance stated by the bank.

1099 Tracking and Year End Reporting.
Payments made to 1099 vendors throughout the year are tracked by the software. At the end of the year, 1099 and 1096 reports for IRS, State and vendors can be created. These reports are updated each year to meet changing IRS requirements. Alternative data files can be created by the system if required.

Estate Accounts Payable and Recurring Payments.
Vendors can be created in this section. Payments to these vendors can be quickly created and checks can be generated as described above. Payments to vendors can be broken down into sub-amounts by GL code. Recurring payments can be remembered here and end of month recurring payments for each client can all be generated with the push of a button.

Time and Expenses Tracking and Billing.
Time spent by the fiduciary on each case can be tracked, categorized, and invoiced on a system-wide basis. Time categories and hourly rates can be defined for each staff member by the user. A stopwatch function is incorporated into this section to automatically track the time spent on a specific client. This section can be set up to run continuously in the background while the software is open. Expenses are also entered and tracked in this section. Expense categories as well as per item and individual expense rates can be defined by each user. Expense reports by category and or staff member along with corresponding invoices can be created from this section.

Estate Asset Tracking and Accounts Receivable.
Investment Account performance information, and real income producing property information can be tracked in this section. The liquidation of assets can be tracked here and tied to deposits made in the banking section. FMT plans to develop the ability to pull online information investment accounts from the major brokerage houses in a way that is similar to the way we synchronize with online banking systems. The functionality exists to create invoices for recurring and one time accounts receivables. Rent roles and other real property management information can also be tracked from this section.

Case Checklist and Timeline Tracking.
User defined checklists and timelines can be created for specific cases and types of cases in this section. These can be used to assign tasks, track workflow, and track progress as a case progresses.

A variety of reports can be generated from the system. Reports can be financial in nature such as balance sheets, cash flow statements, income statements, general journal entries. Reports can also be created to submit to state courts or other government entities. These reports are typically editable by the user in Microsoft Word. Some reports are printed strictly for information purposes such as a client summary. Client labels and client contact labels can also be created in this section. Because of the wide range of information that is being tracked by this software, there is a wide variety of reports that can be created. FMT can produce additional reports based upon user requests.

BriefCase™ Medical Documentation and Case Management/Billing System

In response to a need arising in California’s Health and Human Services Industry, FMT designed the Medical Documentation and Case Management Software application (MDCM). FMT’s BriefCase™ MDCM application provides an interface for county and state funded non-profit agencies providing MediCal recipients health and human services to report their individual client service records, including clinician/physician notes and documentation, creating the daily billing records which are sent directly to county staff. Counties then, using the information provided, pay the agencies for the services provided.

The BriefCase™ MDCM application may be adapted for use in various size agencies and is easily modified to fit individual agency needs.

In addition to the software itself, FMT will provide complete support and training in the use of the software. FMT also offers secure offsite data backup services to our clients. Backups can be configured to occur through the software over the Internet on a daily basis.